Sunday School - 10:30 am every Sunday

The Nusery class is taught by Mrs. Sheila Grap and Mrs. Debra Scott.

2's/PreK class is taught by Mrs. Brenda Taylor, Dr. Susan Barnett and Mrs. Rosanne Bolerjack.

In our 2's - Pre-K class we desire to build a foundation that will support a dynamic life of faith. Each quarter is filled with thirteen exciting, active lessons that fit the interests and abilities of preschool children perfectly.

Early Elementary (K) class is taught by Mrs. Dedreia Weslow, Mrs. Cheryl Baal and Mrs. Angie Dunkerly.

Discovery and exploration is what Kindergartners are all about! They're also at a tender sensitive age spiritually. Classes include thirteen, age-appropriate lessons each quarter with fun, active ways to develop a solid foundation of faith.

Middle Elementary (1st -3rd grades) class is taught by Mrs. Vicki Karafa & Mrs. Marie Taylor.

First - Third graders love to play and hang out with their friends. As they begin to develop a greater desire for relationships, we have the opportunity to share with them the difference a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can make.

Preteen (4th/5th grades) class is taught by Mrs. Theresa Schenck and Miss Amber Marshall.

Preteen Sunday School curriculum helps fourth -fifth-grade students use their deepening thinking abilities to GRAPPLE with life situations and grow in understanding of what the Bible says and how that can help. The curriculum challenges preteens to mature in their faith and to express their commitment in everyday life. An important component of this curriculum is helping students learn to use Bible study tools so they can read and interpret God's Word for themselves. Kids have a secure, online site where they can play games that reinforce the week's lesson, chat with classmates, create polls, vote on the following week's game and send messages to the teacher.
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