Focus on Faithfulness FAQ

Q: What is the “Focus on Faithfulness” Capital Campaign all about?

A: The Focus on Faithfulness Capital Campaign is designed to focus our congregation on a deeper understanding of biblical stewardship and encourage each of us in Christian growth and commitment. Over the course of a couple months, we will be inspired, informed and involved in a variety of programs such as Bible Studies, a Prayer Vigil, an All-Church Banquet, and other events. The gifts received from our Focus on Faithfulness Capital Campaign will help Grace Pointe Community pay for our new ministry facility. Pledges to the Capital Campaign may be paid as a one-time gift, or in weekly, monthly or annual contributions over the next three years.

Q: Who is leading "Focus on Faithfulness" Capital Campaign?

A: Troy and Amy Stein and Wayne and Linda Smith are leading the campaign, for a complete list of our "Focus on Faithfulness" leadership please visit our "FOF Leadership Page."

Q: What is the "Focus on Faithfulness" schedule?

A: The "Focus on Faithfulness" schedule can be seen here.